Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. my first camera was a Kodak Instamatic 25 and of course, was Made is Spain. I was about 8 and I would document our outings (with or without film inside)

My father was an avid photographer and occasionally he would let me take a picture with his Yashica, what a thrill having that “heavy” camera in my small hands and taking “real” pictures.

I study Photography at IDEP Barcelona with some of the best photographers in the industry that open my vision of the craft to a new dimension

In 1988 I moved to New York City, talk about cultural shock. Now I had to put in practice what I learned. Photography was evolving rapidly and I had to stay in the game. I was fortunate to work at a company that had a partnership with Kodak and we had regular trainings in the latest Digital Cameras at the time Kodak made for many of the SLR manufactures.

At the same time my darkroom moved rapidly to my desktop and Adobe Photoshop became my main tool of the trade